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If you want to be a part of this world, people will talk.

You have to decide if all this is worth it.

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Birthdate:May 10
Location:Cary, North Carolina, United States of America

Hello and welcome to [info]sink_or_swim.

I hope you stop and take a moment, and if you like the place you'll stick around for a while.

Or you can drop me a line at dcbrooks at me dot com.


With few exceptions, this journal is unfortunately friends only.

Please make sure that you comment on this entry so I know to add you back. I will admit that I'm leery of people who I haven't met in person, but I tend to not let that stop me!

There is, however, a defriending amnesty. You don't have to tell me why you're leaving, but I will probably defriend back just because I don't like numbers being off. Nothing personal.


My name is Dominique, I'm 30, and I live in Cary, North Carolina with my three cats and dog.

I'm currently between full time jobs and planning on attending school full time in the fall. I'm single, but don't add me just to make a pass. That stuff makes me annoyed more than anything.

Oh yeah and I'm a nerd.

the scoop

Vegan. Coffee addict. BMW fan. Obsessively drinks gin and tonics. Unrepentant Chuck/Blair 'shipper. Voracious reader. Fashion addict. Would die without her iPhone. Identifies too much with the song "Not Your Year." Constantly enamored of "charming bastard" like Archer, Bond, and Bass. Would rather have salty things than sweet and a sidecar than a cosmo. Dislikes hipsters but has no problem co-opting their things. Unapologetic brunette. Lives on black eyeshadow and Urban Decay lip gloss. Smokes when stressed and cries when angry. Doesn't settle. Disturbingly smarter than she acts.

The girl you should watch out for but won't let go once she gets in.


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